Carbon Tec HHO Cleaning

We now have the Carbon Tec HHO machine which cleans engines with HHO gas, it feeds HHO into the intake of the vehicle and makes the carbon burn off inside the engine, restoring lost power and restoring fuel lost efficiency, which on all vehicles gradually drops off as carbon builds up over 1000s of miles and over the years.

Engines are increasingly being made more efficient for lower emissions laws and better fuel economy. Also with hybrid cars the engine is not always running and sometimes only runs for short periods, not ever getting hot enough for optimum running efficiency, unfortunately a side effect of both of these cases, causes the engine to produce more carbon which in turn over time makes efficiency drop off, and the exhaust emissions and soot to increase.  We can use the Carbon Tec HHO machine on petrol, diesel, and hybrid vehicles to restore lost power and efficiency and remove carbon from engine cylinders, Sticking turbo veins, Cylinder head ports and Exhaust Systems, which in turn majorly helps to stop troublesome E.G.R. valves D.P.F. filters becoming blocked and costing a lot of money to replace.

The Carbon Tec HHO works off the vehicle’s battery on a safe low voltage of 12V when the engine is running. With little or no disassembly of the engine required.

Its suitable for both petrol and diesel combustion engines and hybrid vehicles. It can be done on nearly any vehicle. Anything from a 50cc moped, to car, to a van, to a tractor.

The Carbon Tec HHO machine safely loosens built-up carbon by releasing hydrogen into the combustion engine’s air inlet system whilst running. These deposits block and clog the engine which can cause expensive issues; resolving these prior to damage can save hundreds of pounds on parts and labour for vehicles with and without DPFs.

The machine works by providing a controlled flow of HHO which raises the temperature during combustion to burn off built up deposits in the engine. This limited HHO production protects both the vehicle and operator by maintaining the required oxygen balance laid out by the engine parameters of the vehicle.

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