Jeep Patriot with Excessive Smoke Problem (possible Turbo)

In the workshop today:









Today we had a very smokey jeep in for repair, the customer was complaining of excessive smoke when accelerating first we checked the vehicle over on our Autel Elite diagnostics. We could not find any fault codes. So next we checked the live data for fuel pressure and turbo pressure and we noticed that when accelerating the turbo pressure desired pressure and the turbo actual pressure were a long way apart from each other.

Here you can see on our Autel Elite the boost pressure is in ( red ) to indicate its out of range.

This could be down to a leak on the turbo system, so the first thing we do is connect our Smoke pro to the inlet system to check for turbo leaks. this is done by the Smoke pro creating and pushing smoke all around the turbo and inlet system, then anywhere that is leaking will start smoking through the leak. Here is the smoke pro connected up to the vehicle in question.

Next we lift up the vehicle on a lift to check underneath for leaks.

We notice a very oil stained pipe that is smoking a lot so we remove the pipe for further inspection.

Here is the pipe removed and you can see the split in the pipe where it has been leaking turbo pressure. this makes the vehicle smoke due to the fuel being injected into the engine as normal but the turbo pressure being very low due to the leak in the pipe, which then causes the engine to run rich and smoke.


We replaced the turbo pipe and road tested the vehicle and there is no more smoke and a happy customer.


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