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Air Conditioning Servicing

We are able to carry out full diagnostics on all air-conditioning units and servicing and repairs on both R134a & R1234yf systems. If you're not sure which air con system your car uses - call us and we'll be able to tell you!
We use the state of the art Texa Komfort760r Machine for R134a earlier systems and the Robinair 1234YF-8 machine for R1234yf systems in the later cars - both systems are extremely efficient meaning we can conduct full system cleans, vacuum & leak testing, new oil replacement, leak detection dye and a re-gas of your system.

Annual Service

Book your service with us and we’ll carry out over 50 checks, conforming with the industry standard for car servicing.

How often should I re-gas my car's Air Con?

Manufacturers recommend that your air con is recharged (re-gassed) every two years. Your MOT test won't pick up when you need this as it's not part of the test. Regassing is not typically included in your Service either, so it's important to make sure that you include recharging as part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine.

If your Air Con is blowing out warm air or only works intermittently, an AC re-gas can bring back cold air when you need it most and can also improve your fuel efficiency as there is less strain on the system and engine. Unpleasant smells from your air vents are often a good indicator as to when your AC needs a service.


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