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If your exhaust gas recirculation valve is causing you problems, it's possible that a deep clean could help revive it and restore proper functionality to your vehicle. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve include engine performance issues like decreased power and acceleration, rough idle, and the Check Engine Light coming on. We have specialist tools designed to revive a faulty EGR.

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What is an EGR?

In many modern vehicles, in fact since the 1970s, it’s common to have an EGR valve. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) a technique used in petrol and diesel engines to reduce emissions. It works by recirculating part of an engine’s exhaust gas and sending it back to the engine cylinders.

How does it get dirty?

  • Soot particles from unburnt fuel build up over time and cause the size of the valve to reduce through blockage, affecting the airflow and performance.
    Common Problems:
  • Increased exhaust particulates
    EGR valves reduce the available oxygen in the cylinder, this in turn increases the production of particulates (fuel which has only partially combusted). This is most commonly experienced by diesel engines Diesel engines are now fitted with DPFs to help reduce this. A faulty EGR valve that is stuck open will increase the amount of particulates produced by the engine, causing your DPF to become blocked quicker than usual.
  • Detonation
    Also known as “pinging” or “spark knock”. This occurs when your EGR system simply isn’t working, when the EGR valve is disabled or when your exhaust port is clogged with carbon. Cleaning can often remedy this.
  • Misfiring or rough idle
    when your EGR valve fails to close, exhaust gases leak into your intake manifold.
  • Hard starting
    This may occur when the EGR valve isn’t closing, thus resulting in a vacuum leak into your intake manifold.

How can it be cleaned?

The EGR can be removed by our service technicians, and subjected to a thorough clean.
The EGR valve will be removed, then submerged in a solution such as carb cleaner and left for a period of time. The deposits are broken down allowing the unit to be further cleaned by hand using carefully selected brushes and a little elbow grease!
The gaskets will then be replaced and the EGR refitted to the engine.
In rare cases, the EGR valve may need replacing.


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