Injection & Inlet Cleaning

Over years and millage any vehicle will lose bhp and fuel economy due to carbon build up in the inlet and exhaust system and also in the engine airways. The injectors (which are suppose to mist fuel into the cylinders to burn efficiently) over time become blocked and coked up with hard carbon deposits and do not work efficiently anymore, thus causing the vehicle to lose bhp and fuel economy. We can do this for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles.

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Injection System Cleaning

With the power clean machine we disconnect your fuel lines from the fuel tank to your engine. the Forte Power Clean machine then connects to your vehicle engine through these lines and then becomes your fuel system. the vehicle is then run on the machine with special cleaning chemicals which clean the whole fuel system removing all carbon deposits, cleaning the fuel lines, high pressure fuel pump, injectors, fuel rail and all other fuel system parts, then we reconnect your fuel system.

The Forte Power Clean!

Inlet Cleaning

We remove the intake pipe from the inlet system, then we connect the forte power clean machine to the inlet system, and add special inlet cleaning chemicals to the machine which then feeds them to the inlet system. We start the vehicle and all the chemicals run through the inlet system cleaning the intake, cylinder head, cylinders, exhaust, catalyst & dpf systems. All this restores lost bhp and fuel economy making throttle response sharper and smoother.

forte power clean

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