Whether you choose to have an economy map or a performance map our specialist remapping software will massively improve the torque of your engine, thus creating a lot more pulling power and throttle response. Our economy maps will greatly improve fuel economy thus saving you large amounts in fuel costs, up to an extra 20%. Our performance maps vary in different stages, we do a stage one which can be done to any standard vehicle then stage 2 & 3 which are for extra power for modified vehicles. All our map files have been created and fully tested on a dyno at either Regal Tuning or Elite Remaps.

How much can we improve your car's performance?

Enter your vehicle's make and model and our friends over at Elite Remaps have put together a neat little tool to show you the benefits.


What is remapping?

Virtually all vehicles from 1993 have an e.c.u. (Engine control unit) which is basically a computer which holds software controlling a vehicles fuel injection system and many many things on that injection system such as:- turbo boost level, injection timing, spark timing, ignition advance, fuel pressure, valve timing, throttle plate settings and many more settings. Our Lincolnshire remapping team can reprogram these, just like the computer in your house to release more power and make an engine run more efficiently.

Why do I need it?

All vehicle manufacturers make hundreds of thousands of cars a year and no two identical engines are ever made perfectly the same. Say they make one hundred thousand Fiestas all with the same engine, some made for this country in our fuel grades some made for foreign countries, they don’t tailor make the software for each individual car as it would increase production cost dramatically.

What does it do?

What remapping does is set up that software for that specific vehicle and our fuel grades so it can run as perfect as it possibly can. it also gains that extra de-tuned power. which in turn increases (miles per gallon) (brake horse power) and (torque) thus making the vehicle more efficient and more exciting and smooth to drive. with more usable power.

How is it done?

Most cars can be remapped through the on board diagnostics socket (O.B.D.) using Kess or Cmd Flash. We charge £199 inc V.A.T. for these vehicles. However there are a few cars that have to have the Engine Control Unit (E.C.U.) removed from the vehicle and done on the bench, such as a lot of EDC17 tri-core E.C.Us like Vauxhall EDC17C59 E.C.U’s.

This also used to be the case for most post-2009 BMWs & Most continental E.C.U’s such as Ford transits (post 2012) and V.A.G. 1.6 diesels, although now this is not the case, as now we have purchased Autotuner, which is the latest remapping tool a new tool that can unlock all B.M.W and mini E.C.U’s and program them through the socket.

This is also the case for all new transits and transit customs and all V.A.G. Cars which used to have to be done on the bench. (excluding a manufacturer software update). This makes the process even more faster and smoother to carry out as there is no need for E.C.U removal, the remapping is carried out by plugging into the O.B.D. Socket in the vehicle.

What's a CMD tool?

We also use Cmd Flash which is a very good tool that most reputable tuners use. Its data base is being updated all the time. On many new vehicles it is able to get around the software lock on the onboard diagnostic socket (O.B.D.) such as Volkswagen and Audi group cars, This makes O.B.D. programming possible instead of having to remove the engine control unit (E.C.U.) to perform the remap. Cmd flash currently covers most manufactures and is being updated all the time.

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