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Find out how we've helped our clients attain ultimate efficiency, power and fuel consumption using the latest technology to reprogram a vehicle's ECU.


Servicing, Diagnostics & MOT Specialists

We’ve a great team of experienced and knowledgeable motor vehicle technicians on hand to inspect and repair every make and model of car. Our longevity in the business is a testament to our skills and professionalism and we’re hands-on problem solvers, not head-scratchers!

We’ve been MOT testing now for over 8 years and offer an extensive service. We’ll even do a preliminary to make sure there are no light bulbs out or items that may fail it. And don’t worry, if your car doesn’t go through first time, we’ll even retest for FREE.

Something not quite right? Dashboard light won’t go out? Stuck in safe mode? We can help. Our modern diagnostics facilities allow us to check any make and model of car for fault codes, helping you to quickly identify the problem.

Remapping, Injector & Inlet Cleaning, Recovery

We offer a full remapping service for modern and pre-2010 vehicles with state of the art equipment. The benefits of remapping are increased performance, and increases your mpg and bhp. A great economical way to get more  out of your motor!

Regain BHP and Fuel efficiency by removing excess carbon build up in the fuel lines, high pressure injectors, fuel rail and other fuel system parts using our Injector Max system.

Car broken down? Won’t start? Save our number, we’ll come and get you, even if you don’t choose us for the repair, our recovery services are available at an affordable rate and we don’t charge storage costs either!


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