Fault finding & vehicle diagnostics

At Branston Filling Station, We have many diagnostic tools to quickly diagnose your faults. We will carry out any work; nothing to small or to big and nothing gets turned away. Our staff will try to diagnose and repair your faults as quickly and professionally as possible. All our staff are fully qualified motor technicians to NVQ level 3.

Diagnostics £45+VAT

Software updates and module programming from £75+VAT

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We can diagnose a vast array of issues with virtually any manufacturer of vehicle for just £36. We have all the equipment to safely report on the issues affecting your engine and electronics. We are an Auto Logic diagnostic centre and can provide main dealer programming, coding and the latest main dealer software updates on many manufacturers of vehicles. We can also update electronic service records of most makes of vehicle so you can rest assured you're in safe hands.


Our Diagnostic Tools

  • Auto logic:- The First tool our Technicians reach for. it is a very good diagnostic tool which carries out dealer level programming and coding with full manufacturer technical support for the manufacturers it covers. It currently covers, Jaguar, Landrover, Bmw, Vag group, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault , Volvo, Porsche & Mercedes to dealer level.
  • Autel Sys Elite:- The latest Autel device, which can also carry out dealer programming, coding, diagnostics & adjustments on many manufacturers of Vehicles.
  • Vauxhall Mdi Tech3 :- The main dealer tool for GM, Opel, Vauxhall, Chevrolet Vehicles. Also carries out dealer programming and coding on these vehicles.
  • Ford Ids:- The main dealer tool for Ford vehicles Also carries out Programming and coding on Fords
  • Omiscan:- for diagnostics and adjustments on many makes
    Ista:- Bmw’s online diagnostic tool for Bmw programming and dealer diagnostics.
  • Pico Scope :- for in depth testing and diagnostic fault finding on many electrical systems
  • Smoke Pro :- Smoke machine for finding leaks on intake systems, boost leaks, exhaust leaks, aircon leaks etc

Tips For Self Diagnosis

Engine Management Light

The engine warning light illuminates when the ignition is turned on and should go out as soon as the engine starts. If it stays on or flashes whilst driving, it could indicate a fault with the engine management system and you should have it checked at the earliest opportunity on a diagnostic computer.

Brake Warning Light
ABS Light
Battery Light
Oil Light

Air Conditioning Diagnostics

We also carry out all air-conditioning diagnostics, servicing and repairs on both R134a & R1234yf systems.
We use the Texa Komfort760r Machine for R134a earlier systems and the Robinair 1234YF-8 machine for R1234yf systems in the later cars. Both machines are state of the art and very accurate and efficient enabling us to fully service your Air-conditioning system including:- system clean, vacuum & leak test, new oil, leak detection dye and re gas and test your system.

Air-con test & re-gas £45+VAT
R134a Systems


Air-con test & re-gas £75+VAT
R1234yf Systems

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